Welcome the my site

Hello, I am Franklin Rinaldi aka Chief Sarcan. I am a Retired United States Navy Chief who plays and discusses MMO’s regularly on YouTube, Twitch and on PodCasts. I also write guides and articles, create spreadsheets and data sets. All this activity has been spread across the web in numerous places. So I decided it was time to have a single point to voice my opinions, articles, guides, spreadsheets, favorite screenshots and so on that I have and will generate for MMO’s into a single location. The goal of this site is to review each and every game I have ever played with my impressions, both exciting and disappointing and allow you the followers to review them on in either a timeline format or per game basis. How well I achieve this goal will depend on how well I navigate the web design and blog hurdles and the time I have available.


Let’s get back to the Title, it came about because as I became more and more know for my MMO Guides in games like The Secret World and WildStar and it became apparent that I was still fulfilling the role of a Chief but in the MMO Universe. In the Navy, it is expected that if a young sailor doesn’t know or understand something, well young Officers also, you are supposed to “Ask the Chief”. Well I took this to heart and begun calling my streaming show “Ask the Chief” as I wanted to answer the questions people had about games when they came to watch me. It was to be an interactive show more than just people watching me play games. While my audiences have never been huge, I think many came to appreciated what I was to doing and returned often. So as the shows title, you want to see and learn anything about any game, you just need to Ask the Chief and I will see what I can do.

Stay tuned for future ramblings as I document my thoughts, hopefully you find them informative and entertaining, until next time.