World of Tanks

World of Tanks Generals Previews: The General’s Order of Battle

Sarcan’s World of Tanks Generals The General’s Order of Battle ORIGINALLY POSTED ON on june 06, 2015 Collectible Card games are all the rage as of late. There is something about building a deck out of cards you have collected that fit your play style and master strategy that appeals to gamers who want to feel more in control of their gaming destiny. The latest in the family makes you a General in a Turn-Based Collectible Card Game set in…

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World of Tanks Interviews: Console Version Rebuilt from the Ground Up

Sarcan’s World of Tanks Interview Console Version Rebuilt from the Ground Up ORIGINALLY POSTED ON on june 04, 2015 The Evolution of World of Tanks is upon us with its metamorphosis from the limitations of the Xbox 360 to the abundant horsepower of the Xbox One. Wargaming has taken their highly successful game World of Tanks and rebuilt it from the ground up. Xbox One has more Horsepower to add more detail and textures to the tanks. Tanks now look glorious…

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World of Tanks Previews: The Great Tank Makeover

Sarcan’s World of Tanks Preview The Great Tank Makeover ORIGINALLY POSTED ON on june 03, 2015 Games are made available on a new consoles all the time, not many however get a complete makeover from the ground up. World of Tanks is a great game on the Xbox 360, but the visual and auditory makeover to bring it to the Xbox One is a work of art. It is still the same great game but having been rebuilt from the ground…

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