Chief Sarcan’s Guide to Essential Fallout 4 Perks for any Build

As you step out of the Vault and begin your search, every action you take provides experience. As you level you gain points to spend in the extremely deep Perk system to define your play style within the Fall Out world. This Perk system can be a bit daunting at first until you realize that every perk is locked behind a Special Stat value. Without the perquisite amount of stat points and later behind a level requirement, some Perks will just not be available to you. Understanding this at Character Creation would have helped you better choose where to spend your initial 28 special stat points. This guide is to help you understand what the essential perks are in the early game for any build and the minimum stats you should get so you don’t have to invest a level point into stats until later. Keep in mind if you keep reading there may be minor spoilers.

Understand that you will be able to, with enough time, unlock every perk and max out every stat. There is a Bobble Head to be found that gives you 1 free point for each stat and 7 “You are Special” books that allow you to boost the Special Stat of your choice. The initial stats and perks you pick will help you open up content quickly or potentially frustrate you as you realize you will be waiting many levels before you can access something you wish you had. Here is my take on what is most essential for ever build in the order you should pick them, though I do provide some options.

1: ScroungerScrounger (You find more ammunition in containers) – Requires Luck 2:


FortuneFinderFortune Finder (You find more bottle caps in containers) – Requires Luck 1:

At level 2 you will get your first point, as ammunition is king and could be the difference between life and death this should be your choice. If you plan to purchase a lot of items from vendors and either don’t care about the extra free ammo or are willing to buy it when you don’t find enough, then you have the option to take Fortune Finder for more caps.

2Locksmith: Locksmith (Your nimble fingers allow you to pick advanced locks) – Requires Perception 4:

At level 3 you will start running into Advanced Locks in Concord and the bonus loot you can find in safes makes this a perk to not pass up or you will need to return to open them later. At level 7 you will want to invest another point into Locksmith to pick up Expert Locks. You do have the option to only invest 3 points into Perception at Character Creation as the First Bobble Head you find provides you a free point.

Scapper3: Scrapper (Waste not, want not! You can salvage uncommon components like screws, aluminum, and copper when scrapping weapons and armor) – Requires Intelligence 5:

At Level 4 you should be starting to get a nice pile of stuff from looting. If you plan to do any crafting at all, Scrapper is king at providing useful items from all the extra items you will find on dead raiders. Leave nothing behind and salvage everything you don’t use yourself or equip on your settlers.

Hacker 4: Hacker (Knowledge of cutting-edge computer encryption allows you to hack Advanced terminals) – Requires Intelligence 4:

If you following the storyline your Level 5 and have probably ran across an Advanced Terminal or two, this allows you to crack the codes, open the doors and access new goodies, shortcuts and information. You will want to invest in this again at Level 9.


5: Local Leader (As the ruler everyone turns to, you are able to establish supply lines between your workshop settlements) – Requires Charisma 6:

Around Level 6 you have discovered a Settlement or two. Establishing supply lines means you don’t have to haul all your scrap to that settlement to build it up, deposit in one and have available in all. Unfortunately this doesn’t share guns, armor and ammo, but every bit helps and you will  want this up as soon as possible. Invest again at Level 14 so you can build stores and workstations at workshop settlements, have those settlers start making you bottle caps and gear.

Starting out with this crucial Perk choices will really ease your initial journey in the decimated areas in and around Boston. In summary, here is the minimum Special Stats you select to follow this guide.


Essential Stats for every build and minimum point allocation (16 of 28)

Perception 4 (Locksmith)

Intelligence 4 (Hacker)

Charisma 6 (Local Leader)

Luck 2 (Scrounger)

Recommended Stat Allocation (28 of 28 Points)

Strength 6 (Strong Back) – Optional (Depends on Build)

Endurance 5 (Aqua boy) – Optional (Depends on Build)

Perception 4 (Locksmith)

Intelligence 4 (Hacker) or 5 (Scrapper)

Charisma 6 (Local Leader)

Luck 2 (Scrounger)

Agility 1 (Gunslinger)

So other important perks to consider early on depending on your build and when you can work them in is;

Gun Nut (You gain access to Rank 2 gun mods) – Requires Intelligence 3:


Armorer (Protect yourself from the dangers of the Wasteland with access to base level and Rank 1 armor mods) – Requires Strength 3:

I would recommend picking one of these at Level 8. You have played awhile and the bad guys are getting tougher, it time to start utilizing the mods you have been finding and hoarding.

Strong Back (What are you, part pack mule? Gain +25 to carry weight) – Requires Strength 6

Aqua Boy (Water is your ally. You no longer take radiation damage from swimming, and can breathe underwater) – Requires Endurance 5

Rad Resistant (Exposure to the Wasteland has made you more resilient, instantly granting +10 Radiation Resistance) – Requires Endurance 6

Sneak (Become whisper, become shadow. You are 20% harder to detect while sneaking) – Requires Agility 3

Action Boy (There’s no time to waste! Action Points regenerate 25% faster) – Requires Agility 5

And there you have it, my recommendations to get you off on the right foot. There is no right or wrong way to play, have fun and experiment, find your style to make it as challenging or as easy as you would like. Knowledge is power and I hope I have given you enough food for thought to get you started.