Chief Sarcan’s Guide to Spending Knowledge Points

I have been spending a lot of time in Funcom’s Early Access of Conan Exiles. Life is hard in this survival builder game set in the World of Conan. While on the path to glory in the harsh and unforgiving world, you will have to decide what Knowledge Points you want to spend to learn Recipes to assist in the journey. You will earn a total of 284 knowledge points once you attain the max Level of 50, the problem is that there are currently 733 knowledge points worth of recipes to choose from, which can be rather daunting. While trying to understand the complexity of my choices, I built a spreadsheet and put recipes into Career categories with indicators of requirements. Once it came together I realized that others may also need some advice to make their decision making process easier. Keep in mind this is aimed at helping those familiar with the basics of the game and want a deeper understanding of how to pick and choose what to buy and when they are available to be purchased. If this is you, keep reading…

Be advised that this article was written during Early Access and things can and will change

Still here, great, lets start by covering some of the basics on how you to read the Knowledge Points window. First the color system; green indicates a known recipe, yellow is a recipe you can purchase based on cost and meeting all its requirements and red means you do not have enough points or haven’t purchased a recipe needed to unlock the one you selected. Looking at the articles cover image, I have clicked on the Iron Targe, it shows on the right that I need to purchase the Stone Sword as indicated by the yellow background and the highlights boarder of the Stone Sword on the left. Clicking on any recipe will provide highlights around the icon for every connected recipe, pre and post requirements. The crafting window on the far right will show every recipe you currently know that can be made by hand and do not require a crafting station. For those that require a crafting station you will have to click on the station, keep in mind it will only show the recipes you know for that station. Unknown recipes will not be listed and you will have to review the more advanced versions of the crafting station in the Knowledge Points window to see what can be learned in the future. Got it, good lets move on….

Remember when I said there was currently 733 points worth of recipes available, well really there are only 583 Skill Points worth of recipes if you subtract the basic Altars of each Religion. No one should ever spend 50 points on a basic altar since you can choose a religion on character creation or visit the NPC priests for each of the religions in game, saving you 150 points. That being said you still will earn less than half the points needed to purchase every recipe. Don’t fear making bad choices however, there is a knowledge point reset potion, the Yellow Lotus Potion which will reset you to a new character, this included loosing your religion, you have been warned.

Now it’s time to break down the categories of recipes as I have defined them to help with your decision making process. First off we have the Common Skills (25 Points), the knowledge that is needed regardless of which Career path(s) you chose and needs to be purchased by everyone. These are made up of the basic knowledge that is the prerequisites to being able to purchase more complex recipes.

The Optional Common Skills (7 Points) should also be purchased by everyone, however if you do not plan to do any Building, have a need for a Water Well, intend to have a Religion or conduct Slavery, then you can save those 5 knowledge points from Stonemason and use them for something else. Lets be real though, with the way the game mechanics work and the expectations of some self-sufficiency, it’s highly recommended that you do partake in Religion and Slavery and purchase Stonemason. Speaking of Religion, as a heads up, it will cost you 21 points to fully upgrade your altar for each religion you participate in.

Finally we have Slavery, the art of capturing Thralls and putting them to work, defending you base or slaving away at one of your crafting stations. It takes 21 points to be fully invested here, but you do have the option of only investing 10 points if you don’t get the upgraded Wheel of Pain.

Finally for my last recommendation, everyone should plan to purchase Steel Pickaxe for 10 points at level 45. One harvesting tool to carry instead of two is always a good thing and you wouldn’t want to have to wait on clan mate to make it if you happen to die and loose all your items, a bit of self sufficiency goes a long was. Following these recommendations will have everyone committed to spending 84 points as you level and leaving you with 200 points to invest in various Careers and a Weapon Specializations. See the below chart for when you would invest those knowledge points by level.

Common Skills (Needed for All) Religion
Skill Level  Cost Skill Level  Cost
Survivalist 1 0 Acolyte 1 50
Weaver 1 0 Apprentice Stonemason * 3 1
Apprentice Craftsman 2 1 Priest 20 10
Experienced Survivalist 3 1 Journeyman Stonemason * 20 2
Journeyman Craftsman 10 3 High Priest 50 11
Blacksmith 10 3
Carpenter 10 3 Slaver
Tanner 10 3 Skill Level  Cost
Firebowl Cauldron 15 4 Apprentice Stonemason * 3 1
Master Craftman 30 7 Thrall Taker * 10 3
Journeyman Stonemason * 20 2
Common Skills (Optional) Wheel of Pain 30 7
Skill Level  Cost Master Stonemason * 30 2
Apprentice Stonemason 3 1 Greater Wheel of Pain 50 11
Journeyman Stonemason 20 2
Master Stonemason 30 2 Tool Tech
Experienced Survivalist 3 1 Skill Level  Cost
Torch 5 1 Steel Pickaxe 45 10

Taking my own advice and using the charts below, I have made a plan to spend all of 284 knowledge points to give you an example. Notice that I am unable to make any armor beyond the starter outfit and must rely on my clan member Cormeister to keep me outfitted. He in return is counting on me to keep the shelter up to snuff to protect us from the elements and roving bands of hostile people and creatures. This allows him to not pick up building recipes unless he wants to and instead can focus on the numerous other recipes available. This is the key to surviving and succeeding in Conan, forming clans and then working together as a team and eventually gaining access to every Crafting Recipe.

As an example, here is my Crafting Skill Point purchase plan
Common Skills 25
Optional Skills 7
Religion 21
Slavery 21
Builder 125
Archer 18
Polearm 14
Water Well 16
Vault 15
Décor  6 (Bed, Awning)
Lighting 4
Bonfire 2

The lists below are based on the Tier (Level) progression of all skills in a category I designated for myself to help make sense of it all. Lets look at Armorer first as its the only category where you will need every recipe in the career if you’re aiming to make the best gear as the higher level version requires you to know the lower tier version of the same item. All other knowledge skill categories (Careers) will have a “*” denoting this skill is a Pre-req (beyond the Common Skills) for item or items listed below it in the chart. After that, each item is optional and you do not need to purchase every style or recipe in that career block, just the ones you want. As an example of that, the Torch is required to be known for each other lighting source but you don’t need to purchase all the lighting option unless you want to. This holds true for weapons also, an Iron Broadsword must be known to make any of the other swords but there is not requirement to learn all variations of swords.

And there you have it, a quick and dirty guide on the complexity of the Knowledge Point system, hopefully you’ve found this guide makes your playing experience just a little bit easier by helping you make informed decisions on your recipe purchases. As there is a lot of data, I have also linked the Conan Exiles Recipes spreadsheet I created to do my analysis. May it help you in planning your own Conan Exiles Careers individually and as a clan. If you repeat this data elsewhere, please do the right thing and quote me and point back to this site as the source of your information.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by, look forward to your comments.

Armorer Lighting Tech
Skill Level  Cost Skill Level  Cost
Weaver * 1 0 Torch * 5 1
Armorer * 6 2 Chandler 7 1
Light Chestpiece 6 2 Firemaker 11 1
Light Wrap 7 2 Bracketed Torch 15 2
Light Turban 8 2 Wall Lantern 45 10
Light Boots 9 1 Storage Tech
Light Gauntlets 9 1 Skill Level  Cost
Medium Harness 15 4 Wooden Box 5 2
Medium Tasset 16 4 Large Chest 20 5
Medium Cap 17 4 Vault 45 10
Medium Boots 18 2 Cook
Medium Gauntlets 18 2 Skill Level  Cost
Heavy Pauldron 30 7 Experienced Survivalist 3 1
Heavy Tasset 36 8 Pottery 15 1
Heavy Helmet 39 8 Bonfire 16 2
Heavy Gauntlets 43 5 Explosive Jar 38 16
Heavy Sabatons 44 5 Ironmonger 40 3
Sandstorm Mask 30 14 Water Well
Hunter   Skill Level  Cost
Skill Level  Cost Journeyman Stonemason * 20 2
Hunter * 14 2 Water Well 25 6
Big Game Hunter 21 3 Master Stonemason * 30 2
Exotic Game Hunter 47 5 Large Water Well 49 10
Builder   Builder
Skill Level  Cost   Skill Level  Cost
Apprentice Stonemason * 3 1 Stonebrick Gateway 27 6
Sandstone Pillar 7 1 Left-sloping Stonebrick Wall 28 2
Sandstone Stairs 7 1 Right-sloping Stonebrick Wall 28 2
Sandstone Frame 8 1 Stonebrick Frame 29 2
Wedge Blocks 9 1 Inverted Wooden Wedged Sloped Roof 29 2
Sandstone Fence 10 1 Wooden Roof Wedge 29 2
Sanstone Fence Foundation 10 1 Master Stonemason * 30 2
Left-sloping Sandstone Wall 11 1 Reinforced Stone Wall 32 2
Right-sloping Sandstone Wall 11 1 Reinforced Stone Ceiling 34 2
Thatch Sloped Roof 11 11 Reinforced Stone Doorframe 36 2
Inverted Thatch Wedged Sloped Roof 12 1 Reinforced Stone Pillar 40 3
Thatch Wedged Sloped Roof 12 1 Reinforced Stone Stairs 40 3
Journeyman Stonemason * 20 2 Reinforced Stone Wedge Ceiling 42 3
Stonebrick Wall 21 2 Reinforced Stone Wedge Foundation 43 3
Stonebrick Ceiling 22 2 Reinforced Stone Fence 44 3
Stonebrick Doorframe 23 2 Reinforced Stone Fence Foundation 44 3
Stonebrick Pillar 25 2 Reinforced Stone Gateway 45 10
Stonebrick Stairs 25 2 Reinforced Stone Gateway 45 10
Stonebrick Wedge Ceiling 26 2 Left-sloping Reinforced Stone Wall 46 3
Stonebrick Wedge Foundation 26 2 Right-sloping Reinforced Stone Wall 46 3
Stonebrick Fence 27 2 Inverted Tiled Wedge Sloped Roof 47 3
Stonebrick Fence Foundation 27 2 Tiled Wedge Sloped Roof 47 3
Stonebrick Gate 27 6 Reinforced Stone Frame 48 3

Decorator   Sword Specialization
Skill Level  Cost   Skill Level  Cost
Bedshaper 13 3 Mercenary * 3 1
Tablemaker 14 1 Iron Broadsword * 12 3
Horn 15 1 Stygian Khopesh 20 3
Pottery 15 1 Falcata 26 3
Small Sygian Banner 15 1 Cutlass 28 3
Stygian Flag 15 1 Longsword 30 7
Rugsticher 16 1 Ancient Khopesh 31 4
Stoolmaker 16 1 Bow Specialization
Palisade 17 2 Skill Level  Cost
Simple Palisade 17 2 Archer * 5 2
Wooden Chair 17 1 Arbelist (Crossbow) 17 4
Log Bench 18 1 Ironhead Arrows 17 2
Spike 18 1 Fire Arrows 20 3
Tapestry Weaver 18 1 Fire Bolts 20 3
Carpetmaker 19 1 Hyrkanian Bow 25 6
Stygian Banner 24 2 Razor Arrows 40 5
Darfari Wind Chimes 31 2 Razor Bolts 40 5
Wooden Shelf 33 2 Hammer Specialization
Archery Target 35 2 Skill Level  Cost
Keg 37 2 Brute 5 2
Awnings 41 3 Mercenary * 3 1
Papyrus Scroll 41 3 Iron Warhammer 10 3
Large Stygian Banner 42 3 Cimmerian Battle-axe 36 8
Gong 49 3 Thrown Specialization
Polearm Specialization   Skill Level  Cost
Skill Level  Cost Javelin 15 4
Iron Pike 15 4 Throwing Axe 25 6
Steel Trident 45 10 Stygian Bronze Spear 29 6
Dagger Specialization Shield Specialization
Skill Level  Cost   Skill Level  Cost
Mercenary * 3 1 Mercenary * 3 1
Stone Dagger 7 2 Iron Targe * 10 3
Iron Poniard 15 4 Steel Heater Shield 34 7
Steel Ponaird 35 8 Ancient Shield 42 9