Sarcan’s WildStar Guide

Guide to Paths

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON on December 30, 2013

Paths are WildStar’s way of adding depth to your character and give you unique content based on the way you like to play. We have four possible paths to choose that will give you a variety of content to do alongside your normal questing which in turn provides you a number of rewards.

Picking a path is required at Character Creation; however doing the content is optional. You can’t currently change your path, once selected, it is now a part of who you are.

DISCLAIMER: Missions types are being updated as needed.


This is what you really want to know about, what do I get for all my hard work? Well there are currently 30 Ranks to the Path system. Every Path earns 3 abilities (which increase in power over time), a number of bags, titles, costume items and a few things for your house.

Ability 1 (Tier 1, 2, 3) awarded at Rank 4, 14, 27
Ability 2 (Tier 1, 2, 3) awarded at Rank 5 (6 for Settler), 18, 29
Ability 3 (Tier 1, 2, 3) awarded at Rank 10, 23, 30
Bags (Slots 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14) awarded at Rank 3, 7, 12, 17, 22, 30
Ground Mount Flair: Rear at Rank 26, Side at Rank 28
House Item – Festival FABkit (Tier 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) awarded at Rank 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 29
House Item awarded at Rank 8
Titles awarded at Rank 2, 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30


The Settler’s mission is to tame the wilds of planet Nexus, collecting resources to construct beneficial improvements for the community at large. Bravely facing the dangers of an alien planet for the greater good, Settlers are sure to earn adoration of their companions as they adventure across Nexus!


Settler’s Campfire 

Spawns a campfire for people to warm themselves by at Rank 4, 14, 27 (60.0 min CD)(

Summon: Vendbot

Activation: Summons a Vendbot for the next 60.0/90.0/120.0 seconds. Cannot be used in PvP instances. (10 min CD)

Report Home

Activation: Opens a portal to Housing for the next 10.0 seconds. Cannot be used in PvP instances (120.0/90.0/60.0 min CD)


Mission Types

You’ve unlocked a Settler mission! All Settler missions are tied to the Settler hubs in the nearby area. Your missions involve building improvements to the world, upgrading the area for everyone!


That town ain’t going to improve itself. So step up, strap on a toolbelt, and get to work building things that make everyone’s life a little easier.

You’ve unlocked a Settler Hub Expansion mission! The Datachron contains all the information you need to build up an area and complete your mission. The Resources section lists the different resources that power the improvements in the area. Each improvement that you build awards you with some mission credit. Look for these depots to begin building!


Who has time to sit around and wait for vital supplies to show up on a platter? Put on those boots and bring home the bacon!

These are discovered items throughout the world. Looks like a golden are on the ground that click on and get the goodies inside.


Some people just don’t have the grit and backbone to get the job done. Good thing you do. Achieve tasks for the greater good, and get rewarded for it.

You’ve found a Settler depot! Interacting with the depot causes the Settler Builder to appear.  Left click a Settler icon to select the build site to build at. A list of available improvements at this location will appear on the right. The cost of the improvement is shown in the window, and how much overall progress will be added to the hub. You can continue to build improvements, even after your mission is complete! Building improvements in a hub fills up the progress meters, so fill them all up to unlock something special!


Town guards can handle the small stuff. But when the biggest, meanest monsters on Nexus come a-knockin’, you’ll step up and save the day!


Are you ready for some serious real estate development? Then do your civic duty and build hospitals, taverns, and spaceports for your friends and allies.

You’ve unlocked a Settler Project mission! When this type of mission is available, the Project portion of the Datachron will highlight.  Click the Project panel to display a guide arrow pointing you toward it. To begin an project that hasn’t been started by another Settler already, find the starter NPC to begin.  Talk to the NPC to begin the building process. The NPC will have tasks for you, and completing them will fuel the construction efforts, or maintain it after completion.  Your mission progress is displayed in the Datachron. The Status button will display the progress of the current Infrastructure in the area.  Work together with other Settlers to build it faster! Complete the project and get a unique payoff for all to see!



The Scientist has come to Nexus to study its exotic flora, dangerous fauna, and ancient technology. Utilizing a powerful, upgradeable Scanbot to scan creatures and uncover lore, the Scientist is living proof that knowledge is power!


Holographic Distraction

Dazzles the target with holographic imagery, reducing its awareness of enemies.
Range 64 m, 30 sec CD.

Summon Group

Activation: Gives all members of your group the option to teleport to your current location. They must be on the same continent as you. Not usable in combat. Cooldown is reduced if nobody uses the teleport.
Range 1024 m, (60/45/30 min CD)

Create Portal – Capitol City

Activation: Opens a portal to the Capital City for the next 10.0 seconds. (120/90/60 min CD)


Mark I at Rank 5

Super-Range Scanbot Mark 1 at Rank 10

Mark III at Rank 27


Mission Types

You’ve unlocked your first scientist scan mission! You’ll find these scientist indicators throughout Nexus. To complete the mission, summon your Scan Bot and send it to investigate.  To summon your Scan Bot, left click its picture in your Datachron. To send your Scan Bot to investigate, left click the Scan button or use the (‘G’) key. Once the Scan Bot has finished scanning, it will return to you with the information it gathered. Your Scan Bot might upset the local wildlife, so keep an eye on its health.  The scanning process may uncover unique properties that can grant you temporary benefits, so scan everything you can find! To complete the mission, scan enough of the target to reach 100%.


Time to put that big brain of yours to work! Whether it’s a bug-eyed monster or the enemy’s databanks, it’s up to you to scan it.


Nexus is home to the craziest critters this side of the Fringe! You and your trusty scanbot better get crackin’.


Knowledge is power. Which is good, because Nexus has a lot of knowledge that needs to be collected and cataloged. Time to power up!


You’re a scientist, and that means you can fix stuff. Whether it’s a broken leg or a busted bot, you’ll diagnose the problem and take care of it.


The Eldan left behind a whole planet full of awesome. So start scanning those relics, robots, and radical machines!


Studying plants on Nexus is cool. Especially when those plants are trying to chew your face off. Stopping to smell the flowers? Not recommended.


Nexus is full of exotic materials and alien compounds just waiting to be studied. Are some of them ridiculously dangerous? No doubt about it.


Experiment with things and see what makes them tick.


Discover the lore of the local inhabitants. There has to be a story here and we are going to find it.


Nexus is full of interesting specimens just waiting to be studied. Are some of the ridiculously dangerous? No doubt about it.


Find and study all of the Eldan Datacubes in the zone.


Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of hostile alien life forms? You do. Study behavior patterns among the natives. And try not to get killed.

You’ve unlocked a Field Study mission! These missions involve studying the behaviors of creatures on Nexus. Click the arrow button to the right of the mission title to reveal the objectives.  The Field Study will list the creatures and behaviors that need to be studied. When you see the creature exhibiting the behavior, scan it! To complete the mission, record all the listed behaviors.



The Soldier tackles combat heavy missions, gaining access to special weaponry and objectives as he fights across Nexus. Often battling waves of enemies, Soldiers will use every tool at their disposal to hack and slash their way to victory!


Back into the Fray

Restores you to Full Power! (Can only be used if you out of combat and below 75% Health). (30/20/15 min CD)

Bail Out!

Bail Out! Situation getting a little too hot to handle? Use this to teleport you and your buddies to a safe location. (30/20/20 min CD)

Combat Supply Drop

Call down a Weapon Locker with weapons for you and your friends. Weapon Locker contains (one/two/three weapon). 60 Min CD


Mission Types

You’ve unlocked a Soldier mission! Your Datachron contains all of the path mission you’ve unlocked in a zone. Left click the mission title in the Datachron to display a guide arrow that will point you in the right direction.  You can also open your World Map (‘M’) to see the area that the mission takes place in. When you locate a Soldier Beacon, right click it to activate the mission!


Ever dreamed of being a hit man? Channel your inner assassin as you track down targets, put them in your sights, and rack up the body counts!

You’ve unlocked an Assassination mission! Your mission is to find and eliminate specific targets given to you by the beacon hologram.  Clicking the mission title in the Datachron after activating the beacon will point you toward your mark. When you locate the target, prepare yourself and take ’em out!


Listen up, Soldier! We have civilians that have been taken hostage by the enemy, and we need you to get ’em out of there! Are we clear? Get moving!

You’ve unlocked a Rescue Operation mission! To complete the mission, find and rescue your nearby allies!  When you find a captive, right-click or hit the (‘F’) key to free them. They can’t save themselves, so get to work!


Are you ready to lock, load, and start taking care of business? Defend your territory against waves of hostile enemies. No guts, no glory!

You’ve found a Soldier Holdout Beacon! Right click it or use the (‘F’) key to begin the event! Waves of enemies will begin to attack. Keep an eye on the Datachron to see your progress during the holdout.  To complete the mission, defeat all of the waves before time expires! You can enlist other players to help you out as well. Good luck, Soldier!


Hit ’em hard, and hit ’em fast! Strike your targets and destroy them before they call in reinforcements, then bask in the glow of your badassitude!

You’ve unlocked a Holdout: First Strike mission! Each wave begins with an object concealing enemies to appear.  Destroy the objects before the enemies’ pop out to prevent them from appearing! The more objects you take out, the less enemies you have to deal with!


Most problems can be solved with the right amount of explosives. Blow stuff up using bombs, grenades and other weapons of mass destruction. BOOM!

You’ve unlocked a Demolition mission! To complete the mission, you’ll need to blow up specific targets.  Search for the targets and rig them with explosives. If they don’t detonate right away, hit the ‘G’ key when you’ve found all the targets to blow them all up at once!


Special Weapons and Tactics. Know what it really means? Shiny new toys! Test advanced military hardware on your foes. Mercy? Not part of the equation.

You’ve unlocked a S.W.A.T. mission! The objective is to test new special weapons on your enemies.  When you find your target, click the icon in your Datachron, or use the (‘G’) key to fire off the weapon. Use the weapon enough times to complete the mission!


No one likes a thief. That’s where you come in. Defend your loot against dirty underhanded criminals, and crack some skulls with the hammer of justice!

You’ve unlocked a Holdout: Security mission! When you activate the mission, the resources you need to secure will appear.  Killing the thieves will cause them to drop the resource they were carrying. If the thieves escape with all the resources, you’ll fail the mission and have to start over!


Being a hero ain’t easy… but it’s time to step up. Defend allies against incoming waves of hostiles, ensuring they survive another day!

You’ve unlocked a Holdout: Protect mission! Your mission is to defend the friendly NPCs from oncoming enemies!  The green bar in your Datachron shows the health of the defendants. As they take damage, the bar will decrease. Defeat all of the waves without losing all your defendants to succeed. Good luck, Soldier!

HOLDOUT – TIMED:         

You’ve unlocked a Holdout: Timed mission! There’s no limit to the number of enemies that will attack you during this mission.  To complete the mission, survive the onslaught until the timer expires! Keep up with the waves or you’ll get over-run. Good luck, Soldier!


You’ve unlocked a Holdout: Fortify mission! Activating the beacon will activate the build phase and display the “Tower Defense Builder” window.

Keep an eye on the time left in the build phase, and how many credits you have to spend. When the time expires, the holdout begins! To complete the mission, use the defenses and your own might to protect your target from being destroyed!



The wild frontiers are the perfect place for an Explorer! Often traveling to the most dangerous places on Nexus, Explorers claim territory for their faction by finding hidden paths, exploring secret caves, and climbing the tallest mountains.


Explorer’s Safe Fall

Activation: Damage taken from falling reduced by 15%/30%/45% for the next 5.0/7.5/10.0 seconds. (1 min CD)

Air Brakes

Activation: Stops the Explorer in mid-air for a split second jump attempt. (30/15/5.0 sec CD)

Translocate beacon

Activation: Saves your current position. Second Press: Returns you to your saved position. Greater teleport distances result in longer cooldown times. Cannot be used in PvP instances. <100/200/500/1000/5000/>5000 Meters results in (0.5/1/2.5/5.0/30/60 min CD)


Mission Types

You’ve unlocked an Explorer mission! Your Datachron will contain all the path missions that you have unlocked. Left click the mission title in the Datachron to display a guide arrow that will point you in the right direction.  Once a mission is unlocked, you can open the World Map (‘M’) to see the area that it takes place in. Keep an eye out on the Datachron when you are nearing your mission objectives. When it lights up, you’re in the right place!


Making maps has never been more fun… or more dangerous! Travel into the untamed wilds of Nexus and chart territory for your faction.


The uncharted frontier awaits! Strike out into the great unknown, making sure to explore every last inch of the map. Cowards need not apply.

You’ve unlocked an Explorer Vista mission! These missions lead you to areas overlooking vast landscapes. When you are close to your objective, the mission in your Datachron will light up. Click the arrow to the right to pinpoint the location.  The closer you get to the Vista location, the more bars will light up. When all four bars are full, hit the Place button to call down your beacon!


Ancient artifacts? Check. Remote, inaccessible locations? Check. Fearless explorers who laugh in the face of danger? Oh yeah.

You’ve unlocked an Explorer Scavenger Hunt mission! Follow the guide arrows to the clue giver, and read carefully to get hints where the hunt will take you!  You can open the World Map (‘M’) to see where you should be looking. When you are ready to begin searching, click the arrow button next to the mission title.  When you’re close to a piece of the puzzle, a clue will light up and the meter will begin filling. You’ll have to dig, search, or even kill to find each piece. The stronger the meter, the better your chance of finding it!


Get your secret agent on! There’s a war out there, and you need to set up remote surveillance devices to keep an eye on the enemy.

You’ve unlocked an Explorer Surveillance mission! Left click the mission title to direct you to the nearest territory point. When you are near the area, the bar under the mission title will begin to fill up. Click the arrow on the mission for more information. Clicking the Place button when the bar are full drops your probe and surveys the territory for your faction!


Nexus is chock full of secret places, and you’ll find every one! Use a combination of technology and agility to access hidden locations!

Discover 100% of the area map. Travel everywhere and ensure you see it all and unlock the hexes of the Map completely.


Exploring isn’t just about climbing mountains. Sometimes you gotta gear up, buckle down, and get a job done. Skills definitely pay the bills.


Nexus ain’t big enough for everyone, and second place sucks. So get out there, plant your flag, and claim this planet for your allies.

You’ve unlocked an Explorer Claim Territory mission! Left click the mission title to direct you to the nearest territory point. When you are near the area, the bar under the mission title will begin to fill up. Click the arrow on the mission for more information. Clicking the Place button when the bar is full drops your flag and claims the territory for your faction!


Ready to hunt? Track enemies, creatures and strange anomalies through the unforgiving terrain of planet Nexus. Epic rewards? You know it.

You’ve unlocked an Explorer Power Map mission! This mission requires you to chase down objectives as they travel throughout the world! Click the mission title to be guided to the beginning of the chase!  When you reach the starting line, Click the arrow button to display the Power Map in your Datachron. Click Start and the objective will appear! Chase after it, and don’t let it get too far away or you’ll have to start over. The objective will drop things to collect on the way. Collect enough of them, but don’t slow down! If you do fail the mission, don’t worry! Make your way back to the start and try again!


You’ve unlocked an Explorer Door! Your mission is to find the door and investigate where it leads! Click the mission title to be directed toward the closest door that only Explorers can open!  Once you find the entrance, you can open it for yourself and others! Explore the newly discovered area fully to complete the mission!

I hope you found this guide useful in getting started in your amazing journey within Wildstar. You can review my Wildstar Beta streams to see everything discussed here in action.