Sarcan’s WildStar Guide

Guide to Level Up’s

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON on january 4, 2014

So you leveled up cupcake – that is great, but what does leveling up get you beyond the awesome animations? Your screen explodes with a visually stimulating Level Up effect, which is different with every level. You see a Level Up button which contains the information about you what you have received for attaining this new level, you just have to hit the button.

Once you hit the button, you get a new window that tells you by category what you have gained. The areas of level up are General, Character Panel, Limited Action Set. Later on you will have World Map, Group Finder and Social unlocks. Let’s take a detailed look at what you get and when.

Keep in mind we are still in Beta and this list is subject to change.





2          1 New Ability
3          1 New Ability
4          1 New Ability
6          3 New Abilities
Group Finder
7          Costumes
8          Salvaging
9          3 New Abilities
10         Ability Tiering
Tank Stance
11        2 New Abilities
12        Scanbot Customization
13        2 New Abilities
14        Item Dyeing
Costume Slot II
15        Glyph Modification
Ground Mounts
3 New Abilities
Ability Tier II
Hybrid Stance
18        2 New Abilities
20        Item Challenges
Mount Customization
Ability Tier III
21        2 New Abilities
24        2 New Abilities
25        Hoverboards
Costume Slot III
Ability Tier IV
27        2 New Abilities
30        Ability Tier V
31        2 New Abilities
35        Glyph Sets
Costume Slot IV
Ability Tier VI
37        AMP System
40        Riding Skill
Ability Tier VII
45        Costume Slot V
Ability Tier VIII
50        Arenas
Veteran Dungeons
Veteran Adventures
Genetic Archives (20 Man Raid)
Datascape (40 Man Raid)
Riding Skill II
Costume Slot VI


Level   Unlock
2          Shield
3          Gloves
5          Implants
8          Weapon Attachment
10        Support System
14        Shoulders
22        Gadgets
24        Helm
50        Key


NOTE: Attributes increased every level
1 AMP Power LVL 6+
1 Tier Point LVL 10+

Level   Unlock
2          2nd Slot Open
3          3rd Slot Open
4          4th Slot Open
6          5th Slot Open
9          6th Slot Open
15        7th Slot Open
30        8th Slot Open


Level   Unlock
3          Crimson Isle ( D )
Levian Bay ( D )
Northern Wilds ( E )
Everstar Grove ( E )
6          Deradune ( D )
Ellevar ( D )
Algoroc ( E )
Celestion ( E )
14        Auroria ( D )
Illium ( D )
Galeras ( E )
Thayd ( E )
22        Whitevale
30        Farside
35        Wilderrun
40        Malgrave
46        Grimvault


Level   Unlock
6          Walatiki Temple (BG)
15        Halls of the Bloodsworn (BG)
Riot in the Void (Adventure) (D)
The Hycrest Insurrection (Adventure) ( E )
20        Stormtalon’s Lair (Dungeon)
Ruins of Kel Voreth (Dungeon)
25        War of the Wilds (Adventure)
30        The Siege of Tempest Refuge (Adventure)
35        Skullcano (Dungeon)
40        Crimelords of Whitevale (Adventure)
45        The Malgrave Trail (Adventure)
50        Sanctuary of the Sword Maiden (Dungeon)


Level    Unlock
12         Guild Creation
14         Housing
36         Spacious Houses

So there you have it, a quick look into some of the rewards you get as you level up. You can look ahead at the Level up rewards via the User Interface, as I did to make this list for you, just click the drop down at the top of the panel and select the level you wish to review.

I hope you found this guide useful in getting started in your amazing journey within Wildstar. You can review my Wildstar Beta streams to see everything discussed here in action.