Sarcan’s WildStar Guide

Visual Guide to Rares

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON on march 29, 2014

Do you remember back, not to long ago, when Anhrez got you all excited about Rare mobs and hunting them with his articles WildStar Bucks: Econ Pvp Files – Rumble and Econ Pvp Files – Crystalback? Well, we got to talking about how we could get you even more excited and join in the fun. We also, however, didn’t want to spoil the hunt for you. So we created this Visual guide to teach you how to learn which zone each rare mob is in, how to recognize them and the loot they drop. Again, we’re not giving you the exact location – we’d hate to ruin the hunt for you!

So, what does it take to be a Rare Hunter? Well, you need to know what to look for and how to recognize it when you see it. First thing you want to do is open up your Achievements panel, select the Kill Category and then the Zone you are going to be hunting in. You will find a list of the names of Rare mobs waiting for you to find them and once you do, it will highlight them in green.

If you remember in my Chief Sarcan’s Nameplate Anatomy Guide, I showed you how to recognize a Superior mob which are usually associated with a quest or path mission and are Named. However, in this case we’re not looking for just a Quest or Path mob – we are looking for a Named Rare that will drop loot. Keep in mind that these mobs are tougher because they obviously don’t like giving away their shiny loot. That’s it! Those are the basics of learning how to begin hunting Rares.

Superior – Ranked Strong

Oh, but you also want some tips and tricks? Okay, I guess I can give you a bit more. Rare Named mobs currently have a spawn rate of every 30-60 minutes. So, actually, they are not all that rare unless you have competition. Rares will drop a named item of either Green or Blue quality. Sorry, no Purple loot from rares so you can stop farming them now if that’s what you looking for.

Blue loot also has a chance to have Rune slots on them. Starting out they will have a chance of 0-2 Rune Slots and as you get higher in gear level the number of potential slots increases. Most of the Rares will have at least two spawn points with many having three. Some will have multiple spawn points active at the same time allowing you a couple of chances to get the Blue loot each time you visit the area and know where to find them.

Below are the zones that we have completed so far. We’ve also collected the images for your viewing pleasure. We will update with new zones as we get them completed so keep checking back. We have made an effort to get at least one version of the loot and in many cases both. And, again – happy hunting.

Algoroc Rares

Auroria Rares

Celestion Rares

Deradune Rares

Ellevar Rares

Galeras Rares

Malgrave Rares

Whitevale Rares

Wilderrun Rares