Who am I

Hello, I am Franklin Rinaldi aka Chief Sarcan.

I am a Retired CTTC(SW/AW) of the United States Navy. I am married (16+ years) with two children, a 24 yo son who is now in the Navy and 14 yo daughter who is a phenomenal artist. Since retiring from the Navy in 2007, I have work as a Records Administrator. 

I enjoy spending my time talking about MMO’s regularly on Twitter, Twitch, YouTube and as Co-Host on the Gold and Glory Podcast. I am also a freelance writer reviewing MMO’s for sites like MMORPG.com. My passion is helping players better understand the games they play by creating guides, spreadsheets and data sets. My main focus in games is generally crafting, collecting and achievements. I love taking my time and enjoying the story of a game. I also dabble into the UI development on occasion. Some of you may remember SuniComp for Vanguard SoH. 

I have been playing computer games since the first games were available on the TRS-80 computer. However I didn’t seriously move to MMO’s until Dark Age of Camelot, which I played for over 4 years as Acrothini (Shadowblade). Since that time I have Alpha/Beta tested and of course played numerous games (Auto Assault, City of Heroes, DDO Online, EVE Online, Everquest (Sunicro the Wizard), Irth, Lord of the Rings, Rift, Star Wars: The Old Republic (Sarcandosa the Assasin), Tabula Rasa, TERA (Sarcandosa the Mage), Vanguard: Saga of Heroes (Baphomet), World of Warcraft (Sarcandosa the Insane Mage), WildStar (Sarcan the Stalker) to name a few.

I am collecting all my ramblings about MMO’s together here on my blog. I hope you enjoy a look at the diverse collection of game insights, experiences and works that I will slowly gathering here for your enjoyment.  

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